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Current PhD and MRes Studentships

PhD studentships - Click link for further information

    Closing Date  
  University awards    
  DEL CAST AWARD - PhD Studentship in collaboration with EC-Lab Ltd

30th April 2014

  DEL CAST AWARD - PhD Studentship in collaboration with Designability 30th April 2014  
  PhD Studentship in Bioelectronics

30th April 2014

  PhD Cross Faculty Studentship in Computing and Engineering

30th April 2014

  PhD Studentship in Agri-Environmental Science 30th April 2014  
  DEL CAST AWARD - PhD Studentship in collaboration with Goldshield Industries (Europe) Ltd 31st May 2014  
  PhD Studentship - Intelligent Real-time Routing and Buffer Management for Next Generation Cloud Systems and Services 31st May 2014  
  External Funding    

North-South Scholarships 2014*

30th May 2014 at 5pm  
  PhD History Bursary funded by North-South Scholarships* 30th May 2014 at 4pm  

*Note applicants must also apply for admission to Research Studies


The University’s main competition for funding for full-time PhD and MRes for entry in the 2014/15 academic year is now closed. Please see the timetable below.


Closing date for PhD/MRes studentship applications 28 February 2014

Interviews by Faculties March/April 2014

Letters will be sent by the Research Office May/June/July/August 2014

Studentships commence September 2014

Eligibility criteria for DEL studentships can be found here

Applicants should be aware that the competition for funded entry is very high and are advised to discuss their application prior to submission with the staff noted within the project description.

All applications for studentships will be considered on a competitive basis and with regard to the candidate's qualifications, skills, experience and interests.

Applicants should note that disclosure of disability or personal circumstances should be made as part of the application process or as soon as possible thereafter in order to facilitate any necessary accommodation.

Apply for Research Study Now

Applications can be made by using the online application link and select Application Type - Research (All Nationalities). All supplementary documents should be upload onto the system.

More information on Applying for Research Study is available at http://study.ulster.ac.uk/postgraduate/applying.php

Information for prospective students can be viewed at:


Funding opportunities available for 2014/2015 can be viewed at:


Applicants for any source of funding and/or admission to a research programme should note that all decisions relating to your application will be made by a central University committee and conveyed formally to you in writing and by post by the Research Office.  The University will not be held responsible for any decision on your application provided to you by any staff member other than those in the Research Office with formal responsibility for the process.  Research Office Staff members and contact details are available at the link below.